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Have you ever dreamed to visit Seville? What would be better than immortalize it with a photo shoot with your family and friends? Or maybe surprise your partner with a romantic proposal? Perhaps you came with your friends for a bachelorette party. Whatever is your reason to visit this gorgeous city, let me show you some places that would made you want to stay here forever. 

Maria Luisa Park

Maria Luisa Park, or as locals know it, The Park of the Pigeons, former royal gardens of the princess Maria Luisa, is the biggest park inside the touristic area in Seville, and the main lung of the city center and its surroundings. 

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You will be amazed by every one of its corners: wide and narrow green spaces, statues, buildings and museums, fauna and even a waterfall will delight your eyes. Alongside the Plaza de España, the contrast of both places provides the visitors a wonderful experience, and it makes both of them a perfect combination for a two-zone photo shoot. Highly recommended for a romantic surprise proposal or families with children. 

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Plaza de España

This almost centennial architecture, inaugurated in 1929, was built as the prime structure of the Ibero-american exhibition that took place on the same year in the city. Over the decades, it has become the most famous and visited plaza in Seville, also being part of films like Lawrence of Arabia (1962), The Dictator (2012) or even Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002). 

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In the plaza, you will be able to take a long walk over its corridors, row a boat or delight your senses with a flamenco show, among other activities. Without a doubt, this majestic construction, all covered in tiles and water, will take your breath. 

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Santa Cruz Quarter

 Usually known as the old Jewish quarter of Seville, this area has seen, over the centuries, how several cultures and artistic styles have passed by leaving their mark, and any of its streets has, at least, one legend to tell. 

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This district, named after a church that was demolished during the Napoleonic wars, is a labyrinth of narrow streets and plazas scented by orange trees. Alongside the quarter, you will be able to visit the Royal Alcazar (where Game of Thrones was set) or the Cathedral, too. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a walk and explore this astonishing area. 

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Which one did you like the most? Tell me your ideas in the comment box or filling the contact form. I’ll be happy to help you.  

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